Distance support is a style of solidarity and participation

The economic help to the South of the world is realized through many and different concrete ways to realize and continue projects that, in different ways, try to respond to the urgent needs of communities and individuals. A conviction: distance financial support is not alms, but the responsibility of everyone with respect to the equitable redistribution of the earth’s goods and their use.

It is requested that the financial contribution to the sustained project, annual and for a set amount of time, be accompanied by a cultural in-depth study and a lifestyle that brings interest to the world inside everyone’s home. The project is usually community: a school class, a health post, a group of families … It is not something “individualistic” because it is linked “to that child” or “that missionary” and does not involve any legal connection, but embraces a concrete possibility of development and maturation thanks to the community context.

The purpose is to allow those who benefit from the allocation to become self-sufficient, in order not to allow a life annuity that is certainly not dignified. It is an opportunity to contribute to the commitment of a missionary and his daily effort to promote the life and journey of faith of the brothers of the South of the world by ensuring that, even if slowly, they can become autonomous. The CMD undertakes, every six months, to communicate the progress of the project through the local contact person of the work supported.

Choosing a support at a distance is adopting a lifestyle, it means opening the horizons on the reality of the South of the world to learn about history, politics, economy, culture and customs. Living soberly, avoiding making the useless indispensable, using one’s own money to create justice in the world and not exploitation, enrich one’s life and family with a commitment in favor of those who ask to become a subject of attention and collaboration.